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Flying Island Final

Hi guys

Just finished the model and the material, updated at Sketchfab. Here the link to the see the  realtime model


I used a 2K Difuse, 2K normal, and 512x gloss, spec, emission, and lightmap.

Difuse had been handpainted over the baked AO from the model.

Final geometry is 10.5k faces

To pump up a bit the model, in Sketchfab, I baked a light map with shadows in it. Also use a bit of mapped emission from the leaves and tips of the grass to emulate subsurface scattering.


I had a blast with it and was very good as a practice to handpaint or use pbr shaders.



Alien Isolation is out there :D

Hi guys

After 4 year + development our baby is out there having its first blood.

I am very proud to have been working in this game with such amazing professionals.

A little bit of freebies, today at work and my physical copy of the game signed by nearly the whole team. (perhaps tomorrow …)

Minion wanted to say hello, so there.

Hope you guys enjoy the game as I did the day I played it as a whole. Also, very recommendable the DLC missions, lots of very well known faces and places from the childhood.

BTW I just found this video with a really nice compilation of environments + ambience from Alien Isolation (Sevastopol)



Flying Island WIP 02

Hi there

Little update of the island. Difuse WIP (and some tweaking in the uv needed). Adding some gradients and preparing to the overpainting. C&C very welcomed.

To interact in your brownser with the model here is the sketchfab web link :




Flying Island WIP

I managed to squeeze out this quick model from a dying computer (frezzing and crashing randombly). This comes from last week spit sketches and it will be nice practice to hand-paint the whole thing. I am using sketchfab as plattaform to show the progression of this WIP and allow  realtime navigation with the 3d model. Link here

Hope you like. Looking for lot of feedback from this one


Vicky House and some more sketches



Further testing of my new pocket drawing  pad  (literally, is tiny). Several sketches, some quick, some rushed and some slow paced. The brand is LEUCHTTURM1917, very well build book. Paper kind of regects the ink of the markers mixing btween grades of gray in a nice way. Very different from my former drawing pad where everything blends and bleed. Copic markers and pilot ink btw.

VickyHouse2014-09-16 10.38.21(1)


Leuchtturm pocket pad/copic grey markers

Leuchtturm pocket pad/copic grey markers

Updating pics at the 2d page

Hi there

Just coming back from holidays and updating  the 2d page with some new sketches. These come with some background story:


Agent sent from the future walks into a bar. A bit concerned about the lack of hovering rings over the kerb but ask for refreshments anyway… the story begins.

hedgedogDieselpunk spy fish shading done und sandia.
Notice the hand-pump and morse adminicle attached to the sub aquatarian device. Useful cord extensions can b purchased at the regular delivery points of the AGENCY

Dieselpunk Spy Fish

Dieselpunk Spy Fish


Crafting AOs with grey markers III

Sneak peek of what I am building at the moment

This would be a follow up with this project. After processing the sketches as textures  I am recreating my watermill  hi-poly concept   into a current gen low-poly model. Here is a picture (literally  :) ) of what is going on at my screen and one sheet of textures

SneakPeek . Hand painted textures


Little update with wires as had been requested


C&C very welcomed (even being a photo)




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