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Flying Island WIP

I managed to squeeze out this quick model from a dying computer (frezzing and crashing randombly). This comes from last week spit sketches and it will be nice practice to hand-paint the whole thing. I am using sketchfab as plattaform to show the progression of this WIP and allow  realtime navigation with the 3d model. Link here

Hope you like. Looking for lot of feedback from this one



Vicky House and some more sketches



Further testing of my new pocket drawing  pad  (literally, is tiny). Several sketches, some quick, some rushed and some slow paced. The brand is LEUCHTTURM1917, very well build book. Paper kind of regects the ink of the markers mixing btween grades of gray in a nice way. Very different from my former drawing pad where everything blends and bleed. Copic markers and pilot ink btw.

VickyHouse2014-09-16 10.38.21(1)


Leuchtturm pocket pad/copic grey markers

Leuchtturm pocket pad/copic grey markers

Updating pics at the 2d page

Hi there

Just coming back from holidays and updating  the 2d page with some new sketches. These come with some background story:


Agent sent from the future walks into a bar. A bit concerned about the lack of hovering rings over the kerb but ask for refreshments anyway… the story begins.

hedgedogDieselpunk spy fish shading done und sandia.
Notice the hand-pump and morse adminicle attached to the sub aquatarian device. Useful cord extensions can b purchased at the regular delivery points of the AGENCY

Dieselpunk Spy Fish

Dieselpunk Spy Fish


Crafting AOs with grey markers III

Sneak peek of what I am building at the moment

This would be a follow up with this project. After processing the sketches as textures  I am recreating my watermill  hi-poly concept   into a current gen low-poly model. Here is a picture (literally  :) ) of what is going on at my screen and one sheet of textures

SneakPeek . Hand painted textures


Little update with wires as had been requested


C&C very welcomed (even being a photo)



Crafting AOs with grey markers II

Hi there

Here is a follow up of the texture creation post last week. Moving from the sketches to digital 2d format then to 3d.

The nice part of it is to dump these sketches in PS, apply some gradient, do very little correction and done. Ready to get the normals and stuff. Really quick way to get your tileable textures 3d ready.

No lights Viewport pic. Crafting lowpoly from textures 


As always  C&C very welcomed

Saludos  :)

Crafting AOs with grey markers

Why not? Using time away from the computer to create some tileable AOs on the go. Having a blast painting those. This sheet is for an old tudoresque house. Mainly all the components needed to create a low poly model. It is going to need some tweaking in PS b4 adding colors and process them.








Scout Mech WIP Fuselage

Latest changes in the nose and general proportions of the fuselage. Fattest, curvier and now with more space to cram mechanisms inside


testSkinFuselaje03 WireWIpFuselaje




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