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Crafting AOs with grey markers II

Hi there

Here is a follow up of the texture creation post last week. Moving from the sketches to digital 2d format then to 3d.

The nice part of it is to dump these sketches in PS, apply some gradient, do very little correction and done. Ready to get the normals and stuff. Really quick way to get your tileable textures 3d ready.

No lights Viewport pic. Crafting lowpoly from textures 


As always  C&C very welcomed

Saludos  :)

Crafting AOs with grey markers

Why not? Using time away from the computer to create some tileable AOs on the go. Having a blast painting those. This sheet is for an old tudoresque house. Mainly all the components needed to create a low poly model. It is going to need some tweaking in PS b4 adding colors and process them.








Scout Mech WIP Fuselage

Latest changes in the nose and general proportions of the fuselage. Fattest, curvier and now with more space to cram mechanisms inside


testSkinFuselaje03 WireWIpFuselaje



BCN street


New sketch fresh from the pad.  No references, just remembering a random carrer (street) from Barcelona. And the light down there.




To full resolution click in the image

These new sketches are compiled at 2d Works&Sketches page in this same blog.

As always  C&C very welcomed

Saludos  :)

60′s scifi. Good old odd days

Hi there.


Another 60′s faux poster from a scifi movie. Love them all, 50 foot woman and killer ants from 13th dimension. This is my little homage. Sketch from mydrawing pad, copic grey markers and some tweaking in PS.



To full resolution click in the image

Scout_mech WIP 02


Here you have an update from the scout mech .  Testing some colors  and materials.  Rendered in Vray for look development. Final materials will be realtimey physics based materials.


To full resolution click in the image



Blueprints and sketches here

Water base grey markers

Water base grey markers

mech pieces, grey markers+ink

mech pieces, grey markers+ink


Chibi Tank WIP PART 2



WIP of a Chibi Tank. Lowpoy + Difuse + Normal ( dents are not in the normal just yet). C&C more than welcomed.  This link leads you to a Sketchfab page where you can navigate in a 3d viewport,  with the tank l in realtime.




Por aqui os dejo un tanque en el que ando trabajando a ratos. Es un poco un prototipo de gama, planeo hacerlo mas lowpoly y modular pero por ahi andan los tiros. Las normales son temporales. El link lleva a la pagina  de Sketchfab donde  puedes ver el modelo del tanke en en un visor 3d  en realtime

Critcias y sugerencias megabienvenidas





Maya screenshoots. Difuse, no lights, no AO .

To full resolution click in the image





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