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-AlienBreed Evolution-


Here you can find some of the works I done to AB evolution as a Environment Artist. It comprehend low polig asset authoring (props, bespoke and archiquetural modular  assets), texture creation (d/s/n), shading in Unreal and dressing and lighting levels using the created assets and particules. Maya,Photoshop, Unreal were the main programs used  plus CrazyBump and Xnormals as helpers.

These assets were created from Concept Art and Industrial references.  Modelling, texturing and shading by me. But some of the assets are Bespoke machinery that I designed and modelled to dress boss rooms and special areas but using textures and materials from the videogame library.

In Game walkthrough from some of the areas I worked dressing a lighting.

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HERE you can find an  Ingame Pics Slideshow from the areas I dressed and lighted. Some of them also had been designed on the spot to fit needs of the gameplay and aesthetics

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-Sci-Fi Heavy armor W.I.P-

-Sci-Fi Heavy armor W.I.P-

Hullo. Today I am going to post a Fanart piece of work from Tribes Ascend. Here you have a W.I.P.  high-poly armor. Well, it isn’t low-polig but neither a  zbrush mesh this time.   🙂

The design comes from  this wonderful Tribes concept seen in Kotaku and it is  modeled with 3dsmax. Pieces such feet or chest had been redesigned with a rig idea in mind. For  more information and awesome videos about Tribes, here is the oficial website. WWW.HIREZSTUDIOS.COM

Screenshots from max´s viewports. More updates coming soon…

W.I.P. Update01

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