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Sneak peek UFO 2WW W.I.P.


Another update from my  WIP project. This comes as a result of mixing styles from Metal Slug, Iron Sky  and a bit of sketching.  I hope you like it.

Wip ufo 2ww, 3dmax,vray

Wip ufo 2ww, 3dmax,vray



Wip ufo 2ww, 3dmax,vray render, vraysun, toonFX

3dmax,vray, vraysun, toonFX

Click in the image to view the larger version.

As always crits and suggestions are very welcome.


…to continue 9…8…7

More parts of the final boss. And more to come soon.

3dmax, wireframe, viewport Final Boss arm, wireframe, viewport, 3dmax

Final Boss arm, wireframe, viewport, 3dmax

Arm FinalBoss Metal Slug, VrayToon,3dmax

Arm FinalBoss , VrayToon,3dmax

And here you can watch a very early animation test of the missile hatches. Just to make sure the geometry works,visually speaking, when animated.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/65343200 w=500&h=600]