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Ancient one Sketch+ another take from the History

There is this guy who has insomnia, of sorts. He no-lives in a dark room with a cat that is there with him… and not. Today He half awakens from his no-nap because he wants to use the baquelita and brass phone that sits in the corner of his dark obsidian room.

The line is dead but it gives crackling tones anyway after he dial just one number.  Three tones later a person answers somewhere from afar. “”Hello??””. There is fear in the voice. And joy. And love.

They were waiting, for a long time. Close to the coast, all of them, glancing at the dark and murky waters, all these boring nights under the moonlight. But no longer.

He will  rise. He will eat grapes and then some more. He loves you.


 These new sketches are compiled at 2d Works&Sketches page in this same blog.

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Cthulhu_Sketch Cthulhu_NSketch_01





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