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Alien Isolation in The Times´s top 10 games of the year

So proud of had worked at this game!.

It had been 4 years of development where I had worked with  very talented professionals at the game industry and from where I made very good friends.

Congratulations team!



Alien Isolation assets geometry


Some of you had asked for wires of the assets at Alien:Isolation. There you go. Screenshots of a bit of my work from max’s viewport. Simple rig of lights and auto AO. No radiosity, no shadows. Medium poly geometry, modular assets, hard surface modelling.

AndroidlabDiorama_Difuse AndroidlabDiorama_Wire ConsoleMRI_Difuse ConsoleMRI_Wire ExteriorWindow_Hospital Kitchenettes KitchenettesWire Machinery_Difuse MRI_Difuse Panel_Entertainment Combined Props_Pipes_Difuse Props_Pipes_Wire

Soon I will update a compaliton of  (already in internet) screenshoots of the areas I had worked at during this 4 years of development. Habitation, hospital, android lab, part of engineering and ship….

I hope you’ll enjoy playing as I did working in it.

C&c as always welcomed.


Diorama WIP

Hi guys

I just started another diorama , W.I.P. at modelling stage just yet and I chucked some geo at Sketchfab using the 3dmax exporter from them web. It solved all the troubles of exporting (channels not showing, baking, uv) in one click. For “clay renders” realtime is the faster I experienced.

https://skfb.ly/BK9F   Link to Sketchfab, realtime online 3d viewer.

Tonite I  finished the central piece beefing up an old 3d concept of a 2ww UFO . More updates to come soon.

A 2d sketch can be found here

Joint Interview at 3dyanimacion.com / Entrevista conjunta en 3dyanimacion.com

Bueno, entrevista conjunta entre el company Gerard Muntes y yo en 3dyanimacion, sobre Alien y un poco sobre la industria. Se dan hasta trucos!! Gratis!!

Well, here it comes, joint inteview with my friend Gerard Muntes and I at 3dyanimacion , about Alien Isolation and about the videogame industry. Even with free minituts . Not registration required!!! And in spanish!!!Hope you enjoy the google translate results