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Sketches March 2015

Lattest crop from my drawing pad


Mech_Arm_Side jonWickcar


Squeezed mech

Follow up of this little project.

I managed squeeze the whole mech into the plane´s shape. I ll get back to it in a little while.  Next steps, proper rigging and finishing the arms.



Here is a link of the general shape in mech  mode



MechWip 2on update


Engine had been fitted in the chasis and some work had been done at the internal structure

Jump to Sketchfab by clicking the picture


Mecha WIP 001


I am opening a WIP scene in sketchfab where I am going to be posting updates of this model.

ATM I got the general siloutette done and starting to fit the engine and figuring out the folding secuence for the arms.



There is a video here to watch the previous animation from the plane shape.


Source sketches and more material of it  here

C&c welcome

Village Hammersmith Realtime Model


Here you can find the 3d model in sketchfab


Maps are 1k pixel , models and props 6k triangles.  Normal map coming soon

This model has 3 facial blendshapes + base pose.

Hammersmith_Blends copy


Video testing the blendshapes

More to come 🙂