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IT came from the Sea

From the Alternaverse Saga: Indian Island event . Copic markers,mech pen, pilot, sketchbook on Android




Awaiting, no rush

Phone concept, playing with proportions for new characters


Female Look Dev

Playing with proportions  aiming to lowpoly characters. Raw sketches using pen and overpainted digitally using phone’s Sketchbook Pro.  I am posting here a gif  showing the several steps of illustration.

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Critically bored JEN

Spit sketch . Playing with shapes. Digital shading over pen sketch.



Ground Control to Major Tom

Phone shading over pen sketchGround control callingGround control calling_LINEwork

Leoger Medium Tank

Redesign and blend of models such Panther and Tiger from the 2ww . Lowpoly tank. ZBrush, MAYA, PS. Look development at the prototype of a batch of vehicles.

2.7k triangles, 2k PBR texture maps

Online 3d models of this can be visited at my Sketchfab profile or



Leoger Medium Tank SKETCHFABTankSculp12440473_10205641812232215_4132144471602433092_o[1]