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12 years of experience as a 3d artist

  • Modelling, texturing, shading environments (inc.PBR), characters, vehicles, props
  • Low poly game modelling from reference images, concept art or blueprints
  • High poly meshes creation and Normal mapping
  • Hand-painted textures or derived from high poly models and crafted digitally.
  • Assembling and dressing in Realtime environments (levels)..
  • Functional 2d concept art and sketching. 3D concepting.
  • Look development
  • Machinery and rigid assets animation.
  • Quick at learning 2d/3d softwares and in-house tools.
  • Creative and committed


  • Principal 3D Software: Maya, 3Dmax, Zbrush, Unreal,
  • Support software: Sculptris, CrazyBump, Knald, Xnormal
  • 2D Software: Photoshop, Quixel Suite
  • Post Production Software: AfterFX,Premiere.


I aim to work in a professional studio where I can develop creative projects. I would like to be in a well established company with a good environment.

I can contribute with creativity, special care on details, hard work and the wish to innovate.


October 2015 to present    October 2015 to present(Guildford UK)

Lionhead /​ Game Artist  / ​Fable Legends

  • Concept art  for static and animated assets
  • Creation of environment assets and props from concept and references.
  • Shader tweaking, environment integration.

Software used ​ Unreal 4.8, Maya 2014, 3Dmax 2015, Zbrush,Photoshop and Quixel  suite, Xnormal

June 2015­ September 2015 (Farnborough UK)

NDreams /​ Senior 3d Artist  / ​The Assembly VR 

  • Proposal and style and concepting for levels
  •  Modelled shaded and lit  environments from concept art and references.
  •  Asset creation from references
  • Dressing levels, tweaking of shaders.

Software used ​ Unreal 4.8, Maya 2015, Photoshop and Quixel suite, Xnormal

January 2015­ February 2015 (Horsham UK

Climax Studios /​ Senior 3d Artist  / ​Undisclosed IP project

  • Modelled and shaded  environments/props from concept art and references.
  • Look development and updating environment assets.
  • Dressing levels, tweaking of shaders.

Software used ​ Unreal 4.6, Maya 2012, 3d Max 2015, Photoshop, Xnormal

October 2014- December 2014 (Billlingshurst UK)

Pixel Hero Games / Senior Env Artist (Remote work) / Eisenhorn:Xenos (Warhammer40k)

  • Modelled environments, props from concept art and references.

Sept 2010- October 2014 (Horsham UK)

The Creative Assembly / Senior Env Artist /Console+PC games/Alien: Isolation

  • Modelled and shaded  environments, props from concept art and references.
  • Designed and built videogame assets (objects, vehicles, furniture, machinery)
  • Designed and built different environment styles.Assembled, dressed levels.
  • Technical and artistic guide to a group of artists.

The Creative Assembly / Senior Env Artist /Console and PC games/TotalWar:Atila

  • Optimized  and built videogame assets (objects, vehicles, furniture,).
  • Destruction levels and LODS
  • Upgrade of texture maps and layout coherence.

Sept 2006- June 2010 (Wakefield, UK)

Team17 Software / CG Artist / Console and Computer games/ Alien Breed Trilogy

  • Modelled shaded and textured environments, props and characters.
  • Dressed and lit levels using Unreal 3D editor.
  • Designed and built videogame assets (objects, furniture, machinery)

Team17 Software / CG Artist / Console and Computer games/ Larry Leisure Suit

  • Modelled shaded and textured environments, props and characters.
  • Dressed and lit levels using Unreal 3D editor. 

2005  (Madrid, Spain)

Quiros Animation Studio / Character Artist / TvSeries Andrewland

  • 3D TV Serie: Andrewland
  • Design and Character Modelling

2005 (Barcelona, Spain)

Morillas Brand Design / 3d Artist / Branding and Graphic Design

  • Developed CG animated presentations of advertising concepts.
  • Compositions for storyboards were done for long projects.

2003-2005 (Barcelona, Spain)

Lments Design S.L / 3DArtist / TV advertising and CG Shorts

  • CG generalist in TV commercials production
  • Character and environment artist in CG short “Cyclope”.  Developed blend shapes systems like cloth deformers or lip-sync.


1994-1995 Joso Comic School (Barcelona, Spain)

  • GraphicNovels Drawing style  and Storyboarding course. Human proportions. Realistic, Cartoon and Anime styles. Script writing and visual narrative. Light and Color Theory.

1996-1998 Antoni Algueró School (Barcelona, Spain)

  • Superior Technical Qualification in Graphic Arts
  • Digital Illustration.Weight and proportion.Rules of image.Final Art.

1998 Meytaqui Academy(Barcelona, Spain)

  • Modelling and Animation in 3d Studio Max

2001-2003 Institute of Design and Polytechnics Studies (IDEP) (Barcelona, Spain)

  • Course of  Modelling and Animation, Maya.
  • Narrative tools and StoryBoarding.  Fluid use of geometry. Shaders and textures.
  • Light theory and rendering. Set-up and rigging geometry. Blendshaping.
  • Key framing and animation rules. Layer Render Compositing


Spanish, Catalan, English


Born in Barcelona, Spain

Currently living in the UK

Full UK driving licence