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MechWip 2on update


Engine had been fitted in the chasis and some work had been done at the internal structure

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Mecha WIP 001


I am opening a WIP scene in sketchfab where I am going to be posting updates of this model.

ATM I got the general siloutette done and starting to fit the engine and figuring out the folding secuence for the arms.



There is a video here to watch the previous animation from the plane shape.


Source sketches and more material of it  here

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Leg mech.

Hi there

Follow up of the convertible mech project. Modelling the leg, foldable a and funtional rig-wise. Video straight from the viewport

More to follow



And the sketches of the mechanical details.


Previous video, showing blocking animation test



Something I am modelling on the fly as I figure out how to transform the harrier into an scout mech. The animation has been done just to let me see the functionality and shape’s hierarchy. This would be the  3d model coming from an old design of the last year HERE

Sketches of the mech from 2014

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Scout Mech WIP Fuselage

Latest changes in the nose and general proportions of the fuselage. Fattest, curvier and now with more space to cram mechanisms inside


testSkinFuselaje03 WireWIpFuselaje



Scout_mech WIP 02


Here you have an update from the scout mech .  Testing some colors  and materials.  Rendered in Vray for look development. Final materials will be realtimey physics based materials.


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Blueprints and sketches here

Water base grey markers

Water base grey markers

mech pieces, grey markers+ink

mech pieces, grey markers+ink