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Fable Legends Credit Page

Fable Legends is a great unreleased game. Beta was playable for a few. I had worked at it for 6 months, a brief collaboration where I meet an awesome team , learned a lot from highly skilled and creative professionals and made good friends on the way


Here is the credit page for the entire team. All hail the Lions!




Winter sketch crop

Sketches on a a6 drawing pad using Copic greymarkers, pen and pilot. Touch ups and level in PS.





IT came from the Sea

From the Alternaverse Saga: Indian Island event . Copic markers,mech pen, pilot, sketchbook on Android



Awaiting, no rush

Phone concept, playing with proportions for new characters


Female Look Dev

Playing with proportions  aiming to lowpoly characters. Raw sketches using pen and overpainted digitally using phone’s Sketchbook Pro.  I am posting here a gif  showing the several steps of illustration.

  •  008
  • 001
  • 20160116224014

Critically bored JEN

Spit sketch . Playing with shapes. Digital shading over pen sketch.



Ground Control to Major Tom

Phone shading over pen sketchGround control callingGround control calling_LINEwork

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