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Profesional work: Games

Here is the list of the games I worked as game artist (3d, environment, generalist and concept artist depending of the project). I’ll update more material of these as soon it will be public available. To see material and screenshots from some of the games, click the banners.

ATM just Alien:Isolation,  Fable_Legends and  AlienBreed have pages attached with material. More to come soon

There are,also,  assets pics where it shows pieces that I created  including the concepting/design at some of them.

List of videogames at my CV . Details HERE

  • LionHead / Game Artist / Fable:Legends
  • NDreams/ Senior Env Artist / The Assembly
  • Pixel Hero Games / Senior Env Artist / Eisenhorn:Xenos (Warhammer40k)
  • The Creative Assembly / Senior Env Artist /Alien: Isolation
  • The Creative Assembly / Senior Env Artist /TotalWar:Atila
  • Team17 Software / Senior Env Artist /Alien Breed Trilogy
  • Team17 Software / CG Artist /Larry Leisure Suit


Examples and material from the games clicking the banners