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Jaeger mech in Barcelona

Mexican jaeger killing Barcelona for unknown reason. Commuting sketch, grey markers, mechanical pen, pilot.Mech_BCN

Aztec time

Bas-relief tecnique was mentioned at work and suddenly my commuting time went full Aztec 🙂
. Mechanical pen, copic grey markers and pilot




At the SILO

New sketch that finished this weekend at the BBQ

Copic greymarkers, pilot and mechanical pen


Houses old town, sketch

Hi there

Some iso_houses designs. Old town basics assets. Copic greymarkers, ink and mechanical pen + PS .


Sketches & Coffee 02

Hi there

More sketches and shading. This time  an outdoor scene. Getting to know the Tombow grey makers set. I am creating a  category at the VLOJ  for the Napkin Sketches pics. These keep coming 🙂



Those new sketches will be compiled at 2d Works&Sketches page in this same blog.

 As always  C&C very welcomed


Hi there

This week a new grey marker has arrived and I had a go over some old sketches . 6 more are coming all the way from USA. All grey.  Trying to get me started with sketching regulary  I joined Napkin Sketch group in Facebook.  Top notch artists and very friendly comunity there.

Those new sketches will be compiled at 2d Works&Sketches page in this same blog.

This is my first contact with shading in analogic.  As always  C&C very welcomed