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Diorama WIP

Hi guys

I just started another diorama , W.I.P. at modelling stage just yet and I chucked some geo at Sketchfab using the 3dmax exporter from them web. It solved all the troubles of exporting (channels not showing, baking, uv) in one click. For “clay renders” realtime is the faster I experienced.

https://skfb.ly/BK9F   Link to Sketchfab, realtime online 3d viewer.

Tonite I  finished the central piece beefing up an old 3d concept of a 2ww UFO . More updates to come soon.

A 2d sketch can be found here


Le Chibi Tank

Hi there


I just finished a quick concept of chibi tanks. I am looking for a fat cubical siloutette and these going to be modeled accordingly.  I tested color palette and some textures over get a feel of these but mainly it will be used as a volume references.

Everyone of these tanks is a cartoon redesign from real tanks of the 2WW. So you have there  a Sherman, a Panzer3 … There are a couple of those more to come. Also, you can see the line work version of this here

Click the image to see the HD version.