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New models online

Hi there

I recently revamped a couple of models and update ’em at 3docean to get me started a collection there.

Have a look at’ em here


Suggestion for new models very welcomed

Thumbnail_Hammersmith Cog_Troll_ThumbnailSHARP


Tudor House WIP

Hi there

This is the latest update from this piece. Last tweaks at the geometry b4 rendering the lightmaps. The color comes from a single 2k texture sheet, handpainted part digital and part from my sketchbook and grey markers (  painting AOs with copics then overpainting in PS)

Those are straigh screenshots from viewport. Next step  lighting and export to sketchfab.

More to come.

As always C&C are welcomed.

Click in the images to HD it  🙂

House_Front_Color House_Back_Color