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Off Rail Steam Locomotive, vehicle concept

Revisiting an old 3d concept , playing with shaders and palette of colors. Quick render, no UVmaps, just procedural bump and gruping chunks of geometry per material.

The model is my take of the streamlined trains from the 20’s but in an alternative Albion, where roads wins over railways  (used to explore other unknown lands)

Thinking in beef up the geometry a bit and bake maps to a low poly version and drop it at sketchfab. I am looking to enhance the contrast btween old ( the train parts, base of  machine) versus the sleek new skin (the smooth envelope over the body)


As always C&c more than welcomed.


-Off rail Steam Locomotive “Hermes”-

High poly model of an alternate reality Royal Mail vehicle. The design is based on streamlined 30´s trains and cars.

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Hermes_SteamL_02Hermes_SteamL_05Hermes_SteamL_01 Hermes_SteamL_03Blueprints_Hermes720