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Chibi Tank WIP PART 2



WIP of a Chibi Tank. Lowpoy + Difuse + Normal ( dents are not in the normal just yet). C&C more than welcomed.  This link leads you to a Sketchfab page where you can navigate in a 3d viewport,  with the tank l in realtime.




Por aqui os dejo un tanque en el que ando trabajando a ratos. Es un poco un prototipo de gama, planeo hacerlo mas lowpoly y modular pero por ahi andan los tiros. Las normales son temporales. El link lleva a la pagina  de Sketchfab donde  puedes ver el modelo del tanke en en un visor 3d  en realtime

Critcias y sugerencias megabienvenidas





Maya screenshoots. Difuse, no lights, no AO .

To full resolution click in the image





-Sci-Fi Heavy armor W.I.P-

-Sci-Fi Heavy armor W.I.P-

Hullo. Today I am going to post a Fanart piece of work from Tribes Ascend. Here you have a W.I.P.  high-poly armor. Well, it isn’t low-polig but neither a  zbrush mesh this time.   🙂

The design comes from  this wonderful Tribes concept seen in Kotaku and it is  modeled with 3dsmax. Pieces such feet or chest had been redesigned with a rig idea in mind. For  more information and awesome videos about Tribes, here is the oficial website. WWW.HIREZSTUDIOS.COM

Screenshots from max´s viewports. More updates coming soon…

W.I.P. Update01

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