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60’s scifi. Good old odd days

Hi there.


Another 60’s faux poster from a scifi movie. Love them all, 50 foot woman and killer ants from 13th dimension. This is my little homage. Sketch from mydrawing pad, copic grey markers and some tweaking in PS.



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-Sci-Fi Heavy armor W.I.P-

-Sci-Fi Heavy armor W.I.P-

Hullo. Today I am going to post a Fanart piece of work from Tribes Ascend. Here you have a W.I.P.  high-poly armor. Well, it isn’t low-polig but neither a  zbrush mesh this time.   🙂

The design comes from  this wonderful Tribes concept seen in Kotaku and it is  modeled with 3dsmax. Pieces such feet or chest had been redesigned with a rig idea in mind. For  more information and awesome videos about Tribes, here is the oficial website. WWW.HIREZSTUDIOS.COM

Screenshots from max´s viewports. More updates coming soon…

W.I.P. Update01

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-Off rail Steam Locomotive “Hermes”-

High poly model of an alternate reality Royal Mail vehicle. The design is based on streamlined 30´s trains and cars.

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Hermes_SteamL_02Hermes_SteamL_05Hermes_SteamL_01 Hermes_SteamL_03Blueprints_Hermes720