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Environment Assets: Clouds and Trees

Creating environment assets for a personal project  and searching for a cartoon 2d-like look.

The cloud had been created using a vertext color solution and meant to be use at composition times.  Couple of plugins had been used during this process. The one that allow you to render  vertex color in 3dmax  had been written by my friend and colleague  Andrew Oakley.
This asset had been created following this tutorial youtube.com/watch?v=hy_oP6DRPiY

Software 3Dmax2010 Vray2

Tools | Scripts :

Translucency: rpmanager.com/plugins/downloads/2010/TranslucencyMod_64.zip
Vertext colors: scriptspot.com/3ds-max/scripts/render-vertex-colours (created by Andrew Oakley , FTW!)

NubePREplanes04 NubePREplanes05 NubePREplanes05 copy NubePREplanes04 copyNubePREplanes06 copyNubePREplanes07 copy

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[vimeo https://vimeo.com/68338239 w=575&h=280]

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This is a very early test of the foliage I am creating and  I am going to be using  for stills and cutscenes. More forest assets to come soon. Low polygon approach this time around.

25TREESpost  Tiza  ForestFOG

As always crits and suggestions are very welcome.



Vray WIP-02 “Knowing me, knowing you” -A.P.-

Getting to know the basics Vray materials and how these react to the light and effects such VrayFog.

Now I am using cartoon styled  maps that I created from Zbrush sculpts.The same sculpted models had been decimated and used as LOWish polig assets to build the background.  The materials applied are composed by Diffuse/Normal/Glossiness/Heightmap/DirtMap.

The scene has been rendered using irradiance for the primary and  lightmap for  secondary bounce, in low/medium settings. Still testing to get rid of the grain without get into  long rendering times.

The render posted here is pretty raw, just a quick pass in photoshop for levels/colors and sharpening. Click in the image to view the hi-res version.

 Lighting over basic VRayMtl, Difuse view of all materials in scene, VRAY render VRaySun and Fog

Lighting over basic VRayMtl, Difuse view of all materials in scene, VRAY render VRaySun and Fog

Next, Fast SSS for the skin, posing the model, add some more props and render with displacement.