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Scout_mech WIP 02


Here you have an update from the scout mech .  Testing some colors  and materials.  Rendered in Vray for look development. Final materials will be realtimey physics based materials.


To full resolution click in the image



Blueprints and sketches here

Water base grey markers

Water base grey markers

mech pieces, grey markers+ink

mech pieces, grey markers+ink



Le Chibi-Tank_02

Hi there

Here you have a look development of a chibi tank. Trying to get the used, slightly damaged shader with procedural maps in Vray.

Sketch from the drawing pad, fingerpainted on a tablet, modeled and rendered in max vray. There are no textures per se or uvmap set yet, just messin’ around with procedural textures in displ map and some dirt map in the shader.

T model is based in a classic Sherman a la superdeformed

Couple of renders with Vraytoon effect.

shade04TOON copyshade05TOON copy



Saludos 🙂

“La casa de mi padre”


Now is time to finish up the modular houses for the project. These come in  in 3 flavours. Little house of the prairie (very lowpoly, some boxes with alpha and difuses), red forest cabin a la sweden( closest to the camara, with some kind of lowpoly interior) and Fachwerkhäuser watermill and town houses close to the castle ( tudoresque style but germanic, very modular to create several variations)

Here some hightpoly examples realtime. Quite quick  to assemble once you did create a library of small assets (planks, bricks, beams) .Shaders are WIP. Dont mind the tree, that was an early test.

The texture maps had been created from zbrush highpoly models  then baked to extract normal/AO and hand painted in PS in cartonish stile.

These will be baked into a map over the lowpoly for optimized realtimecasasTal01_NodEF

Red_Cabinet_WoodsPimpinHousesRed_02 CasaScreeenshots_003 CasaScreeenshots_Wire

MoulinTudorclick in the tumbnail to open bigger version.

WonderWeapon Assembly (WIP part 01)


WIP image of the finalstage enemy assembly at the “EvilArmy Garage”.Chibi’s Tank project BTW XD.

Vray rendered, 3dmax modeled. Wire screenshots and updated materials coming soon.

Also, you can see some concepting work of this here

Click to watch the HD version


Click to watch the HD version


Previous version  here

Environment Assets: Cheaper Trees


Here you have another approach to create background vegetation.

ImageThis time the baseline tree is less than 8000 triangles. A new set of textures had been created,  some hand painted, to achieve a more cartoonish look . Vray render time is now quite more affordable for the project.

More trees species to come soon

Sneak peek UFO 2WW W.I.P.


Another update from my  WIP project. This comes as a result of mixing styles from Metal Slug, Iron Sky  and a bit of sketching.  I hope you like it.

Wip ufo 2ww, 3dmax,vray

Wip ufo 2ww, 3dmax,vray



Wip ufo 2ww, 3dmax,vray render, vraysun, toonFX

3dmax,vray, vraysun, toonFX

Click in the image to view the larger version.

As always crits and suggestions are very welcome.

…to continue 9…8…7

More parts of the final boss. And more to come soon.

3dmax, wireframe, viewport Final Boss arm, wireframe, viewport, 3dmax

Final Boss arm, wireframe, viewport, 3dmax

Arm FinalBoss Metal Slug, VrayToon,3dmax

Arm FinalBoss , VrayToon,3dmax

And here you can watch a very early animation test of the missile hatches. Just to make sure the geometry works,visually speaking, when animated.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/65343200 w=500&h=600]